Getting to know the User Interface


Auteros Studio provides a powerful drag-drop workflow designer so users without coding knowledge can get started with it easily.

There’s some important concepts that you need to familiar with to start building more complex bots.


Workflows are the basic building blocks of an automation solution. A workflow is a set of elemental units called Activities that are stored as a model (Flowchart or Sequence) that describes a real world process.

A workflow can be break into multiple multiple sub-workflows for easier tracking and management. And you will have a main workflow act as an entry point when you run the workflow.

In Auteros Studio, you will manage your workflows in Explorer Tab, each workflow will be saved in a XML file that has XAML format and reside in Projects folder.


Activity is the basic unit of a workflow that does a specific action like click or write text, etc.

Auteros Studio provides most common activites that you can use right away for your automation solutions. You can build your own custom activities easily thanks to the powerful extensibility and plug-ability of Auteros Studio.

To make bots dynamically related to data changes, the Data Model of workflow can provides that.

Activity’s Properties

Each activity will have a set of properties that control it’s behavior.


Variables are used to store data in an activity. For example, you can define a string variable named “Username” to keep track of user’s name and then reference this variable in the properties of Activity


Arguments are used to move data into and out of an activity. Mostly, it will be used when you break your big workflows into some sub-workflows and you want to pass data between these sub-workflows.


Expressions will be used to provide values dynamically for properties of an activity. It’s actually an C# expression so it can reference variables, arguments and methods in .NET Class Library. Auteros Studio has integrated Intellisense capabilities, so you will see suggestions when you type in an expression.

Validation Error

When you design the workflow, if there’s any validation error on an activity’s properties it will show an Error icon on that activity, and also all errors will be summarized in Errors Tab.

Workflow Output

When you run a workflow, after finished the Output Tab will show data related to that run. It will log the states of each activity, it’s variable values, argument values and error details if any.

This info is important for you to debug if there’s something unexpected happened when you run a workflow