Organize the solution

The solution will contains 5 worflows:

  1. Main_WpfApp_DataEntryFromExcel: This workflow will be set as Main and is the Entry Point of the bot.
  2. WpfApp_Login: Automatin login in to the sample app.
  3. ReadClubMembers: Read data from Excel file and save it to a DataTable
  4. WpfApp_EnterData: Take each DataRow from the DataTable and enter it to the sample app.
  5. VerifyEnteredData: Verify the data has been entered correctly

The main workflow will invoke other workflows to complete the whole process.

The process is quite straightforward:

  1. Login to the sample app
  2. Open the Excel file and read data from it, then save it to a DataTable variable
  3. Loop through all the DataRow of the DataTable.
    For each DataRow, read value of each column then enter it to the corresponding field in the sample app. After saved, there’s one more step to check if the data has entered correctly or not.

Follow the steps below to create solution structure for this walkthrough:

  1. From Auteros node, right click and create the folder DEMO, then right click DEMO folder to create the NETApps folder.
  2. Right click NETApps folder and create 5 flowchart workflows above.