Enable SAP Scripting

You need to enable SAP scripting both on server side and client side, so SAP GUI can be inspected by Auteros.

Enable SAP Scripting on server side

  1. Logon to SAP GUI
  2. On the SAP Easy Access screen, input RZ11 then press Enter

  3. Input sapgui/user_scripting then click Display

  4. Click Change Value, then input New Value = TRUE. Click Save Change, then click Continue.

  5. Log off SAP GUI for the changes to take effect.

Enable SAP Scripting on client side

  1. On SAP Log On screen, open Options, and check Enable Scripting

Enable Modal Dialog

  1. On SAP Easy Access screen, click More => Help => Settings.
  2. In tab F1 Help, select as below

  3. In tab F4 Help, select as below