The capabilities of Auteros come from many custom activites. Each activity will responsible for an action in the target application like: Excel, CSV, Desktop apps, Web apps, …

Each activity will have properties, so you can control it’s behavior

There are some common properties that all activities will have:


  • If false, workflow will stop if there’s an error when executing the activity.
  • If true, workflow will continue to run.

Wait Before Executing (ms)

  • This property is helpful when you want to wait a little bit before executing the activity. For example, you want to wait the application started and show in the screen before working on it.

Wait Up To (ms)

  • This property is used in UI Automation’s Element activities. Before the Element activity can act on the UI Element, Auteros needs to find the UI Element first. If the UI Element stills not show up on the screen (like in many web apps), Auteros will wait for a specific time before notify that the UI Element is not found.