Element Based Activities

Element based activities are used to do actions on the UI Elements that can be recognized by the Automation API of the underlying technologies: .NET, Java, Web, SAP GUI. This is the most accurate method of automation regardless the position of the target applications on the screen and the screen resolution.

To identify an UI Element, you need a Selector value for it.

You can use the UI Inspector to capture the UI Element and generate the selector automatically for you or you can enter the value manually.

Click ElementClick on an element.
Button: Left, Right
Click Type: Click, DoubleClick, ClickDown, ClickUp.
Click Down, Click Up can be used for drag-drop operations.
Hover ElementHover on an element.
Set TextSet text on an element.
Set Secure TextSet a secure text like a password on an element.
Get TextGet text of an element.
Check ElementCheck an element.
Is CheckedVerify an element is checked or not.
ExpandExpand an element.
CollapseCollapse an element.
ToggleToggle an element.
Select ItemSelect an element (dropdownlist) by text.
Select Multiple ItemsSelect multiple elements by text.
Find ElementFind the first element matches the selector.
Find All ElementsFind all elements matches the selector.
Get Property ValueGet property value of an element.
Wait Element AppearWait an element appear.
Wait Element DisappearWait an element disappear.